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Head of Player Development | 12A Head Coach

I grew up here in Southern California and spent most of my youth inside of ice rinks. I fell in love with the game at an early age and have dedicated my life to it ever since. I have been fortunate enough to play in international competitions, Juniors for the Valencia Flyers, and ultimately at the NCAA level at Worcester State University in Massachusetts.

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david tuchman

Director of Coaching and Player Advancement

Coach Tuck's unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth as a coach is
evident in his steadfast commitment to continuous learning and improvement. With
each passing day, he approaches his coaching duties with a spirit of curiosity and
humility, recognizing that there is always more to learn and new ways to evolve.

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Athletic Director | 16AAA, 14AA (1) & 14AA(2) Head Coach

Pavel Sisak was born and raised in Slovakia has competed at the International level alongside current NHL players. Pavel worked with young hockey players on individual and team basis in Slovakia before coming to the United States, for the last 10 years, coaching in Southern California where he built a winning youth hockey program that advances players to the next level.

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ADM Director | 8U Head Coach

I started playing hockey at the age of 8 in Los Angeles and haven’t stepped away since. Hockey has played a huge role in my life with some incredible experiences, friends, and life lessons. Long before I stopped playing competitive hockey, I knew I had to give back to the game and the great hockey community that gave me so much. I started my journey as a hockey coach and have been able to grow my passion for hockey even more since.

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10uBB Head Coach | 12uA Assistant Coach

I am committed to helping grow athletes to become better both on and off the ice. I look to teach athletes the important qualities of respect, sportsmanship, work ethic, teamwork, goal setting, and responsibility that will help them grow as better athletes and better people.

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10uB(1) and 10uB (2) Head Coach | 14AA Assistant Coach


Club Goalie Coach

Caleb has a deep passion and understanding for the game, especially the position of Goaltender. He has shifted his focus to coaching and helping other hard-working goaltenders continue to develop their skills and love for the sport.

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16AAA & 14AA Assistant Coach

For me the game of hockey is the ultimate team game and I want to guide individuals into becoming the ultimate teammate along with being the best player they can be.  To achieve this, I like to stress the importance of setting goals, and I believe a destination is not a goal, the process should be the goal.

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Taylor Hickman


Colby Mead


Sam Stickley


Gabe gifford


dave tebo


Andrew Tebo

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The Santa Clarita Flyers Hockey Club is committed to establishing an athletic experience that enriches and empowers the youth of our community through hockey. We strive to develop committed athletes on and off the ice, who are of character and integrity and will positively influence their communities throughout their lifetimes.

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