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The NEW SC Flyers, are not “NEW" to the hockey community, Instead, Re-born with a new vision and goals for the club.

On September 22nd, the Valencia Express and Valencia Flyers permanently changed hands to a new board of directors with all the previous members stepping down. The new board is comprised of motivated parents and experienced coaches.

The New SC Flyers Hockey Club has enjoyed 20 years of success. The Club is recognized nationwide.  That success and recognition is the foundation that we will build the future of the club on. To build a club for the next generation of hockey players we will adopt a new way of developing athletes, managing the organization, coaching the players, and listening to club members.

Keeping the past in mind while building the future.

We hope that you will join us and experience the differences. Our members will have a voice.

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The SC Flyers has changed hands permanently! We look forward to the opening of the ice rink here in Santa Clarita and especially the start of the new SC Flyers with a new vision, advancement and a whole new way of making youth hockey the BEST IT CAN BE.

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