The SC Flyers Mite Hockey Program is the most fun you will ever have as a hockey parent. Mite hockey is fun because there is no score. There is no stress. Mite hockey is played on a smaller surface. Typically, on a pond-size sheet or cross ice. The games are played in run time. The only stoppage is between periods. Shift changes happen at set intervals and are signaled by a buzzer or whistle. Skill levels range between super novice and ready for squirt hockey. The rules in California prevent mites from playing up and so if your athlete is mite age, they will play mite level. Instead of weekly SCAHA games, you will play 8 to 12 jamborees.

Jamborees are mini-tournaments where 5 teams will play rotating games. Again, no score no winner or loser. There are two skill brackets inside of the mites system A and B. Mites is the gateway level; you will have so much fun you will sign your kid up again and again looking for that Mite level of fun.


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The Santa Clarita Flyers Hockey Club is committed to establishing an athletic experience that enriches and empowers the youth of our community through hockey. We strive to develop committed athletes on and off the ice, who are of character and integrity and will positively influence their communities throughout their lifetimes.

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