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A/B hockey is where most athletes get their first taste of travel hockey. Under the California Amateur Hockey Association rules there are three levels under this system. B, BB and A. B being the lowest and A being the highest. These levels of hockey are designed to graduate players from house league play to
Tier hockey.

Flyers A Program

A Hockey - A hockey is fast and competitive. At this level most players have been playing the sport for three or four years. Squirt hockey in California does not have a Tier division (AA) and so A is the highest level one can play while a Squirt. The most skilled athletes under 10 years of age play at this level. If an athlete is not ready for this level of play, they might be better suited for our BB Program.

Flyers BB Program

BB Hockey - Athletes individual skills should be strong enough to play as part of a team. Coaches will teach systems and work on the fundamentals of team play. At the end of the BB season players should have a firm understanding of positioning and begin to develop their “Hockey IQ”.

Flyers B Program

B Hockey - Athletes can skate pass and shoot. Athletes understand the rules and fundamentals of the sport of hockey. This level is meant to give the athlete the individual skills required to play at higher levels. At first players may have difficulty understanding systems and team play but with Flyers coaching and playing a full season should start feeling more comfortable.

For an athlete to develop properly they need to compete at the appropriate level. For instance, a player with skills best suited to play B Hockey would have difficulty developing their skills while trying to keep with players on an A Hockey team. They would most likely become frustrated and discouraged. Likewise an A Hockey player playing B Hockey would dominate the play and most likely not enjoy the lack of competition.


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