COVID-19 Policy

With the current rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, the club needs to take some precautions to ensure our players stay healthy.  We want this hockey season to be played and will follow the guidance of the LA County Department of Public Health.  SCAHA will not be issuing a COVID-19 policy.  SCAHA is going to post on their website rink and club specific requirements.  Flyers teams will follow the COVID-19 protocols established at each rink when they play away from home.

We have erected a 20ft by 40ft canopy behind the rink.  This canopy has one privacy wall and is open on the other three sides.  This will become our open-air locker room.  Typically, we have two teams on the ice at the same time.  Going forward, one team will occupy two indoor locker rooms while the other team will use the outdoor locker room.  The teams will be alternated between which dresses inside and which dresses outside. This will create a situation where players can maintain social distancing while getting dressed.  According to the county, you are considered exposed to COVID-19 when you are within 6ft of someone with COVID-19 for longer than 15 minutes. The only time this occurs at the rink is when players are in a full locker room.  It should be noted that The Cube has installed UV light filters in the air handling systems for the locker rooms. Everyone inside and out will have room to get dressed and clean air to breathe.

All players and coaches must wear a mask while in the locker rooms.  Any player that would like to dress outside may do so regardless of where their team is getting dressed.  It should be noted that the county may require players to wear masks while on the ice starting September 1st.

If your player tests positive for COVID-19, inform your team manager and coach. Do not return to the rink until you have met the LA County Department of Public Health standards for a return from quarantine.  These standards change regularly as the COVID-19 situation changes.  Consult the LA County Department of Public Health to determine when your player may return.
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In the current guidance issued by the county, there is a testing requirement for youth sports.  The guidance has changed several times over the past few days, we will update you if it changes again. Starting September 1st, every player and coach must be tested each week.  Players and coaches are required to test within 48 hours of any game played against any non-Flyers team. We have contracted a testing service to administer tests at the rink each week.  This company will bill your insurance or the county if you are uninsured.  We wanted to make this as painless as possible.  If your child is tested weekly for some other reason, you may submit those test results instead of using the contractor we hire.

If your player feels ill or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, do not bring them to the rink.  Inside the TeamSnap app there is a Health Check option for each event.  Parents are responsible for logging in and filling out the Health Check within 12 hours of the next team event.  If the Health Check disqualifies your player for the next event, do not come to the rink.  Steps for completing the Health Check below.

Steps for Completing TeamSnap Health Check

You must CLICK on each scheduled event from the TeamSnap Mobile App to access the "My Health Check" option.  Once in the event, click on the "Incomplete / My Health Check" option and follow the steps.  Please repeat these steps for all events each day.