Tom Duma


Coach Tom Duma

Coaching Philosophy

For me the game of hockey is the ultimate team game and I want to guide individuals into becoming the ultimate teammate along with being the best player they can be.  To achieve this, I like to stress the importance of setting goals, and I believe a destination is not a goal, the process should be the goal.  If you set a goal with high expectations, and stumble early you may lose all motivation and quickly give up on your goal.  However, if your goal is simply to engage in the process of improvement, with your high expectations as your compass for your development, you will be achieving your goal every time you engage in practice. This shift will keep you motivated longer and allow you to continue in development even after a goal is achieved.

Reasons for Coaching

Hockey has always been a huge part of my life and has allowed me to gain incredible experiences along the way.  Hockey started off as a game for me, but as it shapes so much of the person, I am today I developed a passion that can't be lost.  There is nothing I would rather do than be around the game and teach my passion and knowledge of the greatest game I've ever known.

Playing Experience

- Southern CA travel hockey
- Top level Massachusetts High School hockey
- Massachusetts Division III College hockey

USA Hockey Level 3

Age Specific Modules

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