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Coach Aram Defterderian

I started playing hockey at the age of 8 in Los Angeles and haven’t stepped away since. Hockey has played a huge role in my life with some incredible experiences, friends, and life lessons. Long before I stopped playing competitive hockey, I knew I had to give back to the game and the great hockey community that gave me so much. I started my journey as a hockey coach and have been able to grow my passion for hockey even more since.

Throughout my time as a coach, I have worked with players from ages of 3-16 with all levels of skill however grew a passion of working with our youngest players. My goal is not only to develop great hockey players starting with the fundamentals but grow their love for the game. Mite hockey should build skill and knowledge of the game in a fun environment. I believe success should not be measured in wins and losses, but developing the skill sets of the players as individuals and as a team; most of all, making sure these young athletes want to be back at the rink working hard and playing the game.

USA Hockey Coaching Level 4

USA Hockey Modules

  • 8 & under
  • 10 & under
  • 12 & under
  • 14 & under

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