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It has always been a goal of the Valencia Junior Flyers organization to grow the game of hockey and move players on to a higher level, deepening the passion and love for the game in every player that comes through the program. Over the years the Junior Flyers have moved multiple players onto that next level, whether it be prep school, junior, club college, NCAA, or professional hockey. Below you will find a list of some of the many players who once played with the Valencia Junior Flyers organization.


  • Luc White - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Jared Waldman - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Jason Hart - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Chase Thesman - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Paul Fregeau - Des Moines Buccanners (USHL)
  • Mark Becica - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Kory Medeiros - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Hunter Jensen - East Coast Eagles (EJHL)
  • Jordan Spesak - East Coast Eagles (EJHL)
  • Cody Foster - Bellingham Blaze (NorPAC)
  • Sam Taferner - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Cameron Roczey - (Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Trevor Tracy - Helena Bighorns (AWHL)
  • Brian Voogt - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Austin Ehrlich - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Dillon Thomas - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Aharon Lara - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)
  • Ray Wilson - Boston Bandits (EHL)
  • Luke Miller - New England Warriors (NEHL)
  • Alex Schwartz - Fresno Monsters (WSHL)
  • Eddie Cordero
  • Tyler McConnell - Park City Moose (WSHL)
  • Tyler Gilmore - Quad City Mallards (CHL)
  • Andy Jakiel - Valencia Flyers (WSHL)


  • Steve Estep - Colgate University (NCAA D I)
  • Preston Nowak - Fitchburg State University (NCAA D III)
  • Eric Czarnick - New England College (NCAA D III)
  • Stephen Palmer - Buffalo State (NCAA D III)
  • Jake Ryan - Monroe Community College (NJCAA)
  • Lakoda Coleman - Monroe Community College (NJCAA)
  • Faiz Khan - UMass-Boston (NCAA D III)
  • Chris Blessing - University of Wisconsin-River Falls (NCAA D III)
  • Eric Stelnick - San Diego State University (ACHA D II)
  • Cameron Randles - Monroe Community College (NJCAA)

Prep School

  • Jake Rainer - Lawrence Academy
  • Joey Allegrini - Governors Academy
  • Devon Sadovnick - Hebron Academy
  • Ryan Glantz - Tilton Academy

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