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Goaltending Director Vision

It’s often said that a hockey goalie has the hardest job in all of sports. That’s because it’s true. My goal is to help goaltenders acquire the tools to thrive under the pressure of the position in a fun, competitive, and supportive environment. Yes, the goalie has an important job, but they are also just one member of the team. I want to foster a community of goalies who learn from each other, push each other, and root for each other, even as they compete for playing time. No one understands goalies better than goalies. When things get difficult, I want our goalies to turn to each other for positivity and support. This way, the Flyers program can help our goalies become the best puck-stoppers—and people—they can be.

Coaching Philosophy

Confidence comes from within. Improving the weaker parts of one’s game, and refining the strong parts, is the best way to build confidence. With a strong technical foundation based on skating and a knowledge of the game of hockey, no save is impossible! As a goalie builds their technical foundation, they must also work on the intangibles: attitude, preparation, and work ethic. And most of all, goalies have to have fun. It’s a hard position, and it comes with a lot of responsibility! But why else would we volunteer to get hit by discs of vulcanized rubber if it wasn’t the most fun thing in the world?

Reasons for Coaching

I started playing goalie when I was eight years old, and it has given me more opportunity and fond memories than anything else in my life. I grew up playing in New York, waking up at five o’clock on freezing Saturday mornings. I loved it. From youth programs, on to juniors, and finally to an NCAA program at Amherst College, my passion for the position always grew. I love working with driven goalies who want to get better—and I love learning from young goalies, who help me become a better coach! Every day, I want to help goalies get closer to having the same opportunities I had.

Coaching Education Level

  • USA Hockey Level 3
  • Founder and Head Coach at Goalie University

Age Specific Modules

  • 8 & Under (Mite)
  • 10 & Under (Squirt)
  • 12 & Under (Pee Wee)
  • 14 & Under (Bantam)
  • 16/18/19 & Under (Midget)

ISI Certified Coach

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