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SC Flyers now consist of an entire new board of directors along with a new vision of the future. Out with the old and in with the new with forward movement on all areas of development.

The NEW Board of Directors for the SC Flyers

Lance Mehegan - President
Justin Slaten - Vice President/Registrar
Linda Ash - Secretary
Jamie Godon - Treasurer
Larry Bruyere - Board Member
Alec Dunn - Hockey Director
Pavel Sisak - Board Member
Rob Hopkins - Webmaster


We all have one thing in mind for the SC Flyers, SUCCESS!

Developing youth minds, teaching responsibility and dedication at it’s core for the new SC Flyers. Focusing on developing youth athletics, physical fitness, family atmosphere all with a TEAM based approach to coaching, participation and love for the sport. The new management and coaching team all have this at their core and is the most important change that will take place.

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About SC Flyers

The SC Flyers has changed hands permanently! We look forward to the opening of the ice rink here in Santa Clarita and especially the start of the new SC Flyers with a new vision, advancement and a whole new way of making youth hockey the BEST IT CAN BE.

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SC Flyers
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