Club Updates

I have been asked many times recently what teams will be playing out of the former Ice Station.  I have consulted with The California Amateur Hockey Association.  Although the rink management company will rent ice to whomever they see fit, we are proud to be one of three teams sanctioned by CAHA/SCAHA that will play out of the rink.  As this club has been for the past 20 years.  The LA Kings High School League and West Ranch High School will also play at the rink.  You can find a list of active sanctioned SCAHA/CAHA clubs here: Clubs

We set out to create an updated logo and look for the Flyers in response to members desires.  Through small groups and poling we have chosen a logo. We have submitted this logo to SCAHA for approval. Perhaps some of you do not know the history of the Flyers name?  Teams from Valencia have always played hockey at the Ice STATION.  Remember the large clock outside the rink? It resembled clocks at major train stations. In the year 2000 the club was born then called the Valencia Express.  The club was named the Valencia Express paying homage to the extensive history of trains in the Santa Clarita Valley.  In train vernacular an “Express Train” is a train that travels along a route FASTER making fewer stops than a normal train. From the beginning the Semi-pro Jr A/B team at the Ice Station had been called the Valencia Flyers. In 2013 the Valencia Express was rebranded as the Valencia Flyers. In train vernacular a “Flyer Train” is a direct route between two major destination. FASTER and DEDICATED.  We have chosen to incorporate the entire history of this club by bringing a train back to the logo and keeping name Flyers. We are changing location designation from Valencia to Santa Clarita (SC). Twenty years of SoCal hockey all in one logo. As the club was born in the 2000-2001 season the 2020-2021 season would have been the 20th anniversary.  Since the 2020 season was offset by the pandemic the 2021-2022 season will be our 20th.

You will be getting announcements soon on the SC Flyers spring program. This program will begin in a Covid friendly manner and adapt and change until we are skating back home.

If you have any question as always feel free to email me:

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