Flyers, I hope this finds you well.
The board of directors at SCAHA was supposed to have a special meeting tonight to discuss tryout dates.  They have decided that nothing has changed for the A/B level and so no special meeting was held.  We are anxious to get our zoom meetings setup with your families but we prefer to do this once we have answers to questions you will undoubtedly ask.  SCAHA’s regular meeting is next week and so we will wait and see if new information is given.

As for the Tier II AA level decisions have been made that affect those players.  CAHA has decided to cancel Tier II tryouts and allow teams to roster on November 20th.  If your player is rostered with any AA team after 11/20/2020 they will automatically be added to the full season roster.  No tournament rosters will be allowed for Tier II teams. We expect to roster Pee Wee AA, Bantam AA and Midget AA teams after November 20th.  If your player is interested in being on those teams and you have not spoken to coach Sisak or Dyke please email me:

You may wonder why Tier II is allowed to roster while the A/B is not.  Tier II teams that win state championship move on to compete at the national level. You will hear the phrase National Bound in reference to Bantam and Midget Tier II players. Most states are playing hockey and preparing for national level play.  CAHA does not want to fall behind the rest of the country and so they are allowing these teams to create rosters and play the required number of games out of state.

Many of you have asked me if we will field teams at your players level.  Example:  “Will the Flyers have a Bantam A team this year”.  Answer:  We will field every team in which we have enough players to create competitive teams.  Because many are wondering if we will have a team for your player age and level, I am going to create an email survey.  This survey will ask you if you intend to have your player tryout and at what level.  Please complete the survey so we have a head count and can begin grouping players.

Lastly the rink!  The potential management companies submitted their proposals last Thursday.  City trucks are at the rink working every day.  The SCV city flag has replaced the Canadian flag on the the 3 poles outside the rink. Mayor Smyth won reelection last night with the highest vote percentage in the history of this city. Everything is going in our direction.  We are hoping for December private ice. I will update you as the situation changes.

I think we are almost there my Flyer friends the home stretch as it were.

As always, feel free to reach out if you want to discuss anything.

Lance Mehegan
President Valencia Flyers